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Ottumwa-Skunk River project proposed line route.

Project Background

Responding to the needs of the changing energy landscape, the Midcontinent Independent System Operator – MISO – the grid planning organization for our region, has devoted several years of an intensive, collaborative effort to develop a Long-Range Transmission Plan – known as LRTP – to build needed high-voltage transmission infrastructure across the region. ITC was actively involved with this process and advocated for the LRTP projects.

The Ottumwa-Skunk River project

One segment of the LRTP portfolio is the proposed Ottumwa-Skunk River project, between the Ottumwa Generation Station (OGS) Substation near Ottumwa to the proposed Skunk River Substation that will be built by Ameren west of Mount Pleasant. ITC Midwest will have sole responsibility for the construction, operation and maintenance of the project.

For most of this proposed project, the upgraded line will be double-circuited (two circuits on each structure) with an existing 161 kV (161,000 volt) transmission line owned by ITC Midwest to mitigate the need for a new transmission corridor across privately owned land. In other words, the existing 161 kV line will be removed and relocated on the same structures as the 345 kV line.

The Ottumwa-Skunk River project will provide numerous benefits and drive value for electric consumers locally and regionally. When completed, this transmission line will:

  • Increase transmission infrastructure to improve system reliability
  • Enhance grid resilience to better withstand extreme weather
  • Expand access to generation resources for electric consumers by reducing transmission system congestion
  • Improve distribution of lower-cost energy resources, including renewables


What is ITC Midwest doing to minimize the impact on landowners and current land uses?

ITC Midwest seeks to minimize the impact of the line on existing land uses. The company is committed to protecting the environment and will fully compensate landowners for any damages that occur during the construction process.

Where possible, this line will be double-circuited with existing transmission lines to mitigate the need for a new transmission corridor across privately owned land. To minimize the footprint of the line, ITC Midwest plans to use steel monopoles.

How will ITC Midwest work with landowners?

Under Iowa law, ITC Midwest cannot negotiate for easements until after the Iowa Utilities Board holds a public information meeting. For this project, public information meetings were held in Wapello County on August 16, 2023, in Jefferson County on August 16 and October 17, 2023, and in Henry County on August 17, 2023.

ITC Midwest representatives are now meeting with affected landowners in the proposed corridor to explain the process and their rights, and ultimately, to begin negotiations to secure voluntary easements. Landowners are compensated for permitting ITC Midwest to secure an easement on their property. ITC Midwest understands and appreciates the impact that new line construction has on landowners and pledges to treat all landowners with the utmost respect during this important process.

Project Schedule

Public Information MeetingsAugust 16 & 17, 2023
Easement acquisition completeFourth quarter 2024
If approved by Iowa Utilities Board, construction will beginSecond quarter 2026*
Construction completeFourth quarter 2027*

*These time frames are subject to change